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Mike Wolpert

Mike humorously coined the phrase “Social Media Evangelist” to describe what he does around here – and it stuck, so we put it on his cards. With decades of real life marketing experience producing results for Entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies, Mike keeps us focused on creating real life results for our clients. We do Business Social Media - that means is has to move the needle, and it does!               Click here to subscribe to our mailing list

Peter Ivory

Senior Producer

When it comes to pulling it all together, from the capture, edit and adding the final touches to a media piece, it has Peter's name all over it. With years of experience as a photographer, videographer, and filmmaker, he brings his unique skills set to our group of professionals. His work shows his passion and dedication to visual media arts, and you won't be disappointed with the results.

Jordan Louis

New Media Manager

Jordan keeps our clients online presence fresh, hip, relevant ... and connected. In addition to having an actual degree in social media (we like to say she majored in Facebook / minored in Instagram) Jordan also holds the team record for speed texting and is actually capable of having 37 conversations at once. Her winning smile is a pleasure - and it's backed up by some major smarts and new media savvy.

We laugh a lot, live large, play full out, have big fun      ... and we do great work for our awesome clients!

Dave Collins

Social Media Manager

After more than 30 years as a popular morning radio show host, Dave now pours his talents and passions into the more personal realm of “communication”… Social Media. Dave specializes in creating the best exposure possible in the world of relationship marketing for our clients. Dave works relentlessly to ensure that social engagement happens on a daily basis - we call him "The Postmaster" - he understands what folks respond to best - and he makes sure good posts create great results.  

Meagan Albury


Meagan works with our clients to find the perfect words to describe the unique service they offer the world, so their ideal customers can find them among the flood of information out there. She creates brilliant articles, powerful promotional copy, brand building company identity materials and compelling blog posts for many different kinds of clients who say "I don't know what to write. Or how. Or when" Clients who have then often sighed and said, “Thank you. That is exactly what I was trying to say.”
sharon damante square pic

Sharon Damante


she loves to say “A great idea is a great idea, but it’s not profitable until it’s happening”. Her proven track record of success spans more than 20 years and includes all aspects of marketing campaign development from brand development through media placement. She’s promotion savvy having orchestrated partnerships, launches and events involving from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of consumers. Happy clients of note include Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and NBA Orlando Magic Star Vince Carter.

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We laugh a lot, live large, play full out, have a bunch of fun ... and we do great work!

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